Kathleen and Jess on how our course has influenced them to make financial changes.


Start at the beginning, not in the middle.

There’s this unwritten notion that when you’re growing up you don’t need to worry about money until you start working full time, or until after university, until you hit what people deem “adulthood.” The truth is by the time you hit “adulthood’ you will find yourself behind, because if you’re planning to, for example, have a house by the time you’re 30, you would need on average a ‘whopping 23 years to squirrel away enough for the average £50,000 deposit’.

This would mean you would have had to start saving almost £200 every moth at the age of 7. Now we’re not saying that you need to start that early or that it’ll always take you that long or even that you need to earning lots of money. It’s not about making the big bucks!

You could be earning 25k and buy a house.

Yes, that’s right. You need solid financial knowledge in order to understand how you can make your money work for you, how you can use several different tools to maximise your savings and get that house at 30. You need to start young, and realise your present will affect your future, so start building your foundations now!

Start now!

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Roxie Silva