Savvney is a social enterprise.

Dedicated to work with organisations to improve staff's financial well-being, by delivering an unbiased workplace-based financial education program.


"We believe everyone should have a fair chance at financial success"

- Founder, Savvney CIC


We are here for you & your staff


We work with businesses, charities, local councils and social enterprises who are already making meaningful investments in their staff and want to improve their financial well-being. These organisation have discovered that some of their staff, through no fault of their own, have found themselves just-getting-by.  For many of their employees, the goal is just to get from month to month and with little or no hope at all for achieving financial success.



Working with companies in the UK to deliver financial education to hard-working employees.  Money worry is a real problem for employees but is often masked by a "cloak of silence" driven by a reluctance to discuss personal financial matters especially when things are not going well.


Many people find themselves not getting ahead financially because no one has taken the time to teach them how money works and how they can make money work for them.  Understanding money should be a right for each one of us not a privilege for just a select few. 


Charities, councils, housing associations and some social enterprises are seeking to do more in helping their clients’ financial well-being.  They can clearly see the benefit of having their customers understand money, gain back control of finances and aspire for financial success.


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