Soraya and Helder on how our financial education empowered them.


Be empowered.

Can financial education be boring? Yes. Can it be interesting? Yes. Do you need it? Yes. Many people gloss over the moment someone starts talking about money, specially if it’s trying to teach them something. A lot of people believe that they’ll learn about money through trial and error, continuing on in a never ending rat race that they believe will eventually lead to success. However, you can do better, and it will feel better. Knowing the terms, knowing how money works, knowing that there are overcome-able obstacles is completely empowering. Having complete control of your finances is your right.

Gain perspective within the spending culture.

Gain perspective, understand what your specific needs are for the future so you can plan accordingly. It’s not about saving all your money, never buying anything that you want, it’s about choosing what your priorities and goals are and knowing how to reach them.

Start now!

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Roxie Silva