When it comes to securing and maintaining financial well-being into later life, women face greater challenges than men, with reports showing that women tend to be less knowledgeable about finances. But why is this? Are women indeed less knowledgable than men in the domain of finance? Or is it that they simply lack experience or delegate responsibility for major financial decisions to someone else? Or is it that women feel less confident leading them to underperform when tested on financial literacy?

Take control of your finances. Take control of your life.

Women are capable of doing anything a man can. And that is what we should be teaching our young girls and older women. This is why we have to start young! We have to teach young girls that there’s no difference between whats expected of them or men, that they can be confident when dealing with money. That they can take control of their lives and their finances.

Financial Education should be for EVERYONE, not just for the privileged few!

This is where we come in, our Financial Wellbeing Essentials course provides video-based financial education that shows you and your girls different ways to think about money, and manage it! FWE will help guide you through your financial journey and show you how YOU can make your money work for you.