Jess and Kathleen on how money shouldn't be a closed off topic.


We need to talk about money.

Do you remember being a kid and asking your parents about money, or perhaps making a comment about someone’s wealth and then being shushed and told that’s none of your business? You grow up thinking you can’t ask anybody about money, whether that is how much they have or simply to gather money advice. This perceived faux pas is leading to a culture of financially illiterate people that don’t understand how to deal with their finances because nobody ever spoke to them about money.

Not their parents, not their schools, not their peers.

It’s time to end the taboo.

Our financial education programme focuses on panel discussions with 16-24s talking about their current or past experiences with money whilst an expert listens and helps them understand the different ways they could better manage their finances. We were created by young people for young people because we believe we need to to tackle the lack of financial literacy at the beginning.

Are you a progressive educational institution? An individual who wants change their lives? Or an organisation that wants empower their people with financial literacy?

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Roxie Silva