Financial Wellbeing Essentials 16-24


Course Outline: What to Expect

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As part of the Financial Wellbeing Essentials 16-24 package, we will:

  • Arrange a telephone consultation to discuss prices and discounts

  • Send through a proposal for review

  • Meet with you to plan your programme

  • Provide access to bonus online material

  • Enable each student to access our online material (fully online, no IT integration required)

  • Provide reporting


At Savvney, we have found that very few young people have been taught about how money works and how to make it work for them, especially in relation to their specific life stage.

We’ve put together a series of videos to help address this problem facing young people across the country. Our material is straight-talking, easy to understand and aspirational. We believe every young person in the UK deserves a fair chance at financial success and we are thrilled to work alongside schools, colleges and universities to equip students and young adults with the skills they need to manage their money well and thrive as they enter they prepare to enter their next stage of life.


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