Start at Home


The truth is financial education should be taught in schools, with a recent Credit Karma/Qualtrics survey finding 63% of respondents agreeing. The reality of it all, however, is that this will take a while. The Guardian investigation revealed that the system is currently falling apart at the seams, with teachers covering for canteen staff and cleaners while essential funds are raised by parent donations and “charity” non-uniform days. Money is most likely not going to go into financial education.

But YOU can start the change at home.

However, it’s not all over. You can start at home, teaching your children about money and how to make financially educated decisions in their everyday life. Things like pocket money earned through chores can help, putting that money into a piggy bank and letting them know how saving that money will help them in the future. And whilst this will help, there is more you can do, and we want to help you!

You can learn too!

Our Financial Wellbeing Essentials course is here to help guide you and your children. Whether you need to brush up on your financial education and want to learn more, or perhaps your children are now teenagers and they’re harder to reach, so investing in video-based financial education becomes a good choice for you. We are here to help you, because we believe that financial education shouldn’t be just for the privileged few but for everyone.