Friday has arrived and with it the best day of the month - PAYDAY! And if you’re like the thousands of other people in the UK, you are probably making all the plans of how you’re going to spend it. You need new clothes, there’s a birthday party you must attend, those shoes you can’t survive without. But what about saving?

Saving money is way more attractive than getting into debt.

What happens when the weekend is over and payday is but a mirage and you still have bills to pay, or something unexpected happens and you don’y have a security blanket? All of these issues can be resolved by just tweaking some of the ways you think about money, you’ll still be able to treat yourself whilst making sure you can cover any future unexpected incidents.

You have all the means for financial wellbeing, you just need the skills.

This is where we come in, our Financial Wellbeing Essentials course provides video-based financial education that shows you different ways to think about money, and manage it! FWE will help guide you through your financial journey and show you how YOU can make your money work for you.