Partnering for long-lasting change.

Give a man a fish, and he fends off hunger for a day; teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
— Contested origin, Chinese/Native American
Working with Savvney, organisations can achieve long-lasting positive change for their community, housing clients or members.
— Founder, Savvney

Why this will change everything?


We create sustainable partnerships that deliver value to everyone involved. The principle is simple, help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.  We have great models that work for local government, housing associations, trade unions and community groups.


Local Governments

Local councils are increasingly aware of the financial challenges that their residents are facing regardless of their income bracket.  The number of people living in poverty in “working households” has risen and continued to increase and a burgeoning group now referred as “just-getting-by” cannot be ignored.  

Rather than deal with the symptoms, we work with local councils to tackle the root cause of these problems.  Often this is because nobody has taken the time to sit down and teach their residents how money works and how they can make better decisions to get their money working harder for them

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Housing Associations

Housing Associations play a vital role in providing a much-needed solution in many communities in the South East and across the UK.  However, they have been facing increasing pressure as their residents have been struggling to keep up their payments, especially in the wake of the recent financial crisis.

Although many housing associations have healthy cash reserves, non-payment of rentals is not sustainable.  Savvney delivers structured financial education programmes to resident groups, giving them the confidence to make better financial decisions as they plan to improve their financial well-being.

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Community Groups

At the core of many communities, exists groups whose sole purpose is to serve their community.  Right across the UK the number one cause of stress is financial worry and these groups often feel helpless and without resources, expertise or experience when trying to address this growing problem.

For many, they would like to “nip it in the bud” by giving people the right tools and knowledge to understand their finances and make decisions that allow them a more secure financial future.  Savvney works with community groups to deliver locally based financial education that provides immediate positive outcomes.

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