Remember when you were kid and you couldn’t wait to be an adult? Your parents probably kept telling you ‘appreciate being a kid’, but you would just pout and say how mature you are? And then you hit 18, or you started full time work, or you started university, perhaps you even graduated, and now all you want to do is go back! Because adulting IS hard, but it DOESN’T have to be this difficult.

You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself, learn from others.

You read right, you don’t have to make all of the mistakes and learn from from all the lows. You can just try and learn from what others have done and how they overcame their issues. Everyone you look up to made a tremendous amount of mistakes, and its all about finding the right people who aren’t scared of putting this information out there. Follow their journey instead of the ones that make you feel bad about yourself!

It’s not about how much you earn! It’s about how much you get to keep.

Our Financial Wellbeing Essentials course provides video-based financial education that involves real life discussion with real people between the ages of 16-24, showing you different perspectives on how they got to where they are plus what they wish they had known! FWE will help guide you through their financial journey so you can can feel more and more ready to be the adult you are meant to be.