Why Do Your Employees Need Financial Education?


We currently live in a society where many are living without any ability to be flexible when it comes to their finances.  This could be due to debt, unexpected health issues, poor planning or redundancies. 

For many of us, outward appearances don’t always reflect the state of our finances. Many may even appear to have lots of money and possessions, but beneath the surface, they’re actually struggling and are stretched to their limit.  This can sometimes be referred to as the “affluent poor”.

In these times of financial uncertainty when incomes aren’t growing to keep in line with inflation, many people aren’t managing to stay ahead of the wolves and the house of cards is ready to fall down.

Do you have employees who:

  • Often seem to miss work due to mystery illnesses?

  • Have more month at the end of their money and sometimes have to request an advance?

  • Work multiple jobs just to keep up with their expenses?

The common denominator here is the lack of margin.  Here at Savvney CIC, we realise that many money worries arise from lack of financial literacy or a continuation of bad money habits passed on for generations. You can help to break the cycle with your employees.  What does that mean for you?

  • Increased productivity

  • Happier employees who know their employer cares about their wellbeing

  • Better employee retention      

  • Less time off for mental health issues that relate to money worries

We can help! Contact us for a quick discussion to see how we can help you and work around your budget to benefit your bottom line as well as your employees.

– Natasha

Disclaimer: The above information does not replace financial advice. Please ensure you seek independent financial advice before making any decisions regarding your finances. We also recommend that you carry out your own research to ensure that this is right for your own unique circumstances. Please note that we sometimes link to other websites but we cannot be held responsible for their content.