Bank of Mum and Dad

Every parent has their own Oliver, constantly pestering them for things, at first it was toys, and then it was clothes, and eventually it turns into money! It’s difficult to say no to your kids and to try and get them to be more financially able, specially without making you feel like you’re cutting them off completely. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Wean your kids off of the bank of mum and dad.

It’s not about cutting them off completely to make them learn the hash reality of money and responsibility. It’s about teaching them about money, and how they can make money work for them. This is specially important as they grow older and they get a student loan for university, tax free overdrafts or as they enter full time employment and get real money for the first time.

Give your child a fair chance to achieve financial success.

Our Financial Wellbeing Essentials course is here to help guide them through their financial journey, and show them different ways they can manage their money, specially as they start to earn more. Making sure they’re not just depending on the bank of mum and dad!